Alexander McQueen

Flagship Store, London



Alexander Mc Queen


Finalist FX Award 2000
Best Store Design


Architectural Review February 2000

“I wanted it to be more than just a place to buy clothes; it should be somewhere that transcends all forms of media” Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s flagship store, located in London’s Conduit Street, presented the challenge of creating a unique retail environment within a Georgian Grade II listed building. With a glass vitrine at the entrance that could be filled with seasonal displays, the glazed shop window allowed a view from the street to the very back of the shop.

The site was long and thin and was shaped at the front by the indentation of an entrance hall and stairwell. Walls were clad in fibrous cement and the floor was finished with limestone tiles and polished concrete.

Small glowing acrylic display cases projected out of the wall and faced an eight-metre-long anodized aluminium counter, which provided a visual link between the two parts of the shop.

The shop’s central arena was outfitted with a framework display system constructed with wall-to-wall I-beams in shot-blasted steel with a clear lacquer finish. Hung on a flexible rotation system, the display panels could accommodate glass, metal, wood or any other desired material.

This design was created to facilitate the seasonal metamorphoses of fashion design and convey McQueen’s seasonal vision.