Barnsbury Square

Refurbishment, London



Fiona and Paul Payne

“We have worked on three domestic projects with this practice, the first being 21 years ago. Give Ferhan Azman free rein and you will get a superbly executed job, something fresh and warm and always an appealing design” Fiona and Paul Payne

This apartment in Barnsbury, Islington – purchased by third time clients – extends across one floor of a 19th century property. It was refurbished to provide a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room whilst the attic was converted into a master bedroom and en suite bathroom.

The apartment was located in the Barnsbury Conservation Area and came with planning restrictions. As the existing roofline had to be maintained, there was limited usable space and a low ceiling height. To overcome this, roof lights were installed and a sloped roof was utilised in the bathroom to ensure the master bedroom was of a generous size.

The space constraints also influenced the decision to use a uniform material, birch faced plywood, which forms a subtle boundary between the existing and new level of the apartment. The initially unpromising attic was transformed into a light-filled space with views of the sky and surrounding rooftops. It is comprised of a master bedroom and bathroom, whilst a full height glass door leads from the bedroom to a small terrace. In the master bedroom, two strategically placed skylights give the extra headroom that was needed. Two more skylights were fitted in the bathroom consisting of bath, shower and utility area.