Ibiza Villa


Private client

A design for a private villa on the island of Ibiza, currently in planning.

Inspired by local architecture, the villa is designed in ‘spaces’ of stepped terraces which provide pockets of living, sleeping, resting and swimming.

Local stone and fair faced concrete is proposed as the external envelope.

Briquette walls and metal screens separate the stepped spaces, creating a degree of privacy whist also providing the villa with shade.

A series of six sketches highlight the key elements of the villa, which establish the concept.

1 – Shaded in green are terraces, facing the sea and levelled to step down the hill.

2 – External walls are designed in local stone and fair faced concrete.

3 – Demonstrates the use of the slope to step the villa, creating stepped ‘spaces’, both internally and externally.

4 – Courtyards, which also make use of the slope, sit in between rooms creating an intimate flow between these spaces. They also act to provide a degree of privacy.

5 – Briquette walls are used as vertical separation between the terrace spaces.

6 – Metal and mesh canopies.