Konditor and Cook Bakery

Borough Market, London



Konditor & Cook

In this bakery located in Borough Market, once a Victorian fruit and vegetable warehouse, it was necessary to integrate the functions of a retail area, wholesale patisserie and a savoury kitchen within the constraints of a narrow site. In the stylish and subtle conversion, the interior respects the area’s utilitarian past with dark limestone counters and bright stainless-steel sheets that lend rugged overtones to the bakery.

Glass-studded concrete paving lights on the floor of the bakery kitchen allow light to filter down from the roof light above into the rear of the basement, this effect augmented by daylight bulbs.

A glazed opening in the entrance filters light to the basement and allows the customer to appreciate the production activities. Stone, brick and concrete contrast the maple-topped shelves and the original timber floor.

The four-metre floor-to-ceiling height offers just enough room for the insertion of a glazed mezzanine office, which enables staff to simultaneously monitor the kitchen and shop below.