Somali Road

Apartment remodel, London



Private client

The client sought to convert an apartment into a comfortable and welcoming space for guests. The initial aim was to remodel around the existing floorplan. Thorough analysis of the layout, however, revealed ways in which the space could be rearranged to better improve its functionality.

Working with a structural engineer we reorganised the rooms around load-bearing walls and introduced internal windows that function as transparent screens, both defining and connecting spaces. These effectively create an additional room and greatly improve the flow of natural light, bringing a sense of unity to the entirety of the apartment.

Fire Rated Glass is innovatively utilised in creating the transparent screens between the bedrooms as well as the hallway and kitchen. The remodel also presented opportunities for a number of custom-made details, including kitchen units, a banquette, built-in wardrobes and a utility room concealed behind a seamless door.

The use of luxurious materials such as white marble brings a feeling of opulence to the kitchen and bathroom — extending a message of generosity and care to the clients’ guests.