Tasman House

New build house, Turkey



Murat and Lale Tasman

A light-filled home with an open floor plan, The Tasman house was built for a family of three in a suburb of the Turkish city Bursa—a neighbourhood populated by identical houses, each a pastiche of French colonial design.

Built on two floors, this semi-detached house is arranged around a central courtyard and series of terraces. The house is constructed in concrete frame with lightweight block internal and external walls.  

The lush landscaped garden can be viewed throughout the house thanks to the fitting of floor-to-ceiling windows. The ground floor is open plan and consists of a living dining area and a kitchen that faces onto the terrace and garden. The external stonewall continues inside the house and extends up two floors creating a distinctive background that frames the internal space.


Locally sourced stone was used for the external cladding where the house meets the adjacent property. This wall continues internally, creating a background for the staircase, and extends at two levels through the spine of the house.

The remaining external walls were clad in panels made of locally sourced recycled timber, fiber and cement.

The master bedroom and bathroom open onto a private terrace. Owners can enjoy secluded showers or baths as the terrace is subtly masked from onlookers by greenery in high planters.